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xPhantom - CsGo Private Cheat - CreepZCoder - 12-03-2018

I'm friends with the owner, he is really professional and has been selling this csgo private cheat since September 2017 with 0 detections up to date.

xPhantom's FEATURES

Hotkey - Choose button. 
Recoil Control System (RCS) - Spray your enemy with ease. 

Field of View (FOV) - Distance based aiming. 

Smooth Aim - Realistic Aim.

Bone Style Aim - Choose body parts to shoot at.

Customizable Randomization

Hotkey - Choose button.
Shoot at any Hitbox/Bones 

Delay Before Shooting

TriggerBurst (Bullet Amount)

+Customizable Config
Customize both the csgo aimbot and triggerbot in a way that suits you best.
You can customize the aimbot for every single weapon in the game and make it unique to you.

I've tried his cheat for 3 months, ranked up to supreme quite easily, no bans no problems. He doesn't offer any kind of visuals just aimbot and triggerbot but they look legit.

Bellow is a short video of the cheat in action, he says you can turn its power down to make it more legit depending on how good you are at the game.

Check out his website here: CsGo Private Hack Website 

It's cheap and high Quality, I fully recommend it if you're playing cs go on a regular basis!